Go Bronze on #datpiff without sponsorship 100k views 28k plays 25k downloads

Go Bronze on #datpiff  without sponsorship  100k views 28k plays  25k downloads
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Why you should invest in this promo


Don't wait years, month's and weeks with your stats stuck with low numbers get better looking numbers today.

Just uploaded your mixtape to datpiff and want to get the best promotion for it on the web? well you need a medal to be seen Bronze, silver, gold and platinum. we know you tweet your work blast it to your social media outlets pay for sponsorship only to be let down with around 700 views, 20 downloads and 14 plays. facts your not a major artist so you want see major artist numbers unless you get your mixtape networked to over 100,000 plus fans a day. we get you different look's daily from google ad's social media and email blast we have promoted over 5000 plus tapes to award status on datpiff and take our time making sure you rank on google, datpiff and all major search engines when people search for your tape or just input your name.

What you get with this promo

Does not have to be sponsored thats how you know it's organic plays, views and downloads datpiff has a 5 limit download count per day and if it's sponored bot,and random spam software could be downloading your mixtape and get you banned. We tartget real people who either have datpiff account or have to make one in order to download your mixtape on top of that they have to enter captcha to prove they are not bots.

  • 28,000 plays/streams
  • Takes 35 days to complete
  • You don't need sponsorship 

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