Act now #soundcloud famous get 13 million plays to get you on the charts

Act now #soundcloud famous get 13 million plays to get you on the charts
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All these rappers made it from big soundcloud plays and its facts just go to the soundcloud chartrs they get over 450k plays a day. The reason why they stay on the charts is because the get the same amount of plays daily and no one can pass them but that is only because you the music artist don't invest 100's and thousands of dollars into your tracks. You only need one track to blow up what if you didn't have to pay thousands of dollars what if you only paid 100s. Yes 100s to get your one shot at being seen by billions of people, record labels, fans and the top producers in the world? Well you can we help the very same artist you see at the top on soundcloud now! But they have bigger budgets and they know you don't so your songs go un seen and you never even break the ice. That i know make you mad you see mumble rappers at the top and your music is way better but your budget want allow you to get there. 450k plays a day for 30 days is 13 million plus plays this is no b.s we will get you there make a name for yourself make a statement get this promotion today at a below price range invest if your serious all it takes is going the first step then you will see and get a tatse of the fame act now don't wait.




What you get with this promotion




  • one track promoted daily gain 100k to 450k plays a day until you reach 13 million less than a month (if we are overloaded with morethan 20 people buying this then you will get the 13 million in 30 to 40 days with plays  increaseing daily at lesser amounts)
  • You will gain new followers, repost likes and comments (gain over 50k repost likes and 10k plus comments)
  • you will start to get people asking about who you are 
  • you and your music will gain better exposure
  • Make soundcloud charts in due time keep that spot and gain your fame checkout now to get started
  • Gain followers, repost, likes, and commets guaranteed
  • Plays could take up to 60 days to get full 13 million




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