Start trending Get 1 million #soundcloud plays! 1000 likes 3000 repost 3000 followers

Start trending Get 1 million #soundcloud plays!  1000 likes 3000 repost 3000 followers
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current customer proof you reach 1 million plays 

Click the above soundcloud track for proof what are you wainting for grow your music today start winning

Comes with 1000 likes 3000 repost and 3000 followers

  • If you wanna be seen 1000 to 100,000 plays will not get you maximum exposure you need tons of plays per single or track to reach label's and producers attention
  • We have a network of over 250,000 on twitter 140,000 on facebook and with soundcloud and other media websites we reach well over 590,000
  • You just uploaded a track well 0 to 20,000 plays will only get you 10 to 30 fans maybe
  • You need big numbers to reach more fans over 1 million plays would get you seen by thousands of people daily
  • What are you waiting for limited time we offered this in 2014 and it got fetty wap noticed off trap quenn don't wait sign up now.
  • 1 million plays only take 14-27 days to complete 
  • if spreading plays check the box spread plays for how many songs you need it spread on. there is a cost involed for spreading plays or you can just use the 1 million on one song


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