Act now #datpiff #mixtape promo 1000 views 500 plays 140 downloads

Act now #datpiff #mixtape promo 1000 views 500 plays 140 downloads
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DatPiff is the top mixtape hosting website used by countless famous rappers to host their mixtapes and they usually get thousands or hundreds of thousands of views/streams/downloads… how do you think your mixtape looks being up against them with 0 to a very few number of views/streams/downloads? Exactly. Don’t worry we’re here to help.

  • Plays get you seen more average plays for a indie tape are 35 plays after a month of being on datpiff don't let that be you
  • downloads build a better presence average downloads for indie artist are 0 to 4 maybe 
  • view make other come view your mixtape avereage views 10 to 250 after a month you don't even make the 3rd page and there are only 3 main pages
  • this promo is a must for new tapes as if you get to many plays and downloads on new mixtapes you will be banned this is the safest way plus you make top 8 
  • Takes 7 day
  • 500 plays

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